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28 Delaware Code, Sports and Amusements

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Current through Oct. 1, 2016

28 Delaware Code, Sports and Amusements


REPEAL AND REENACTMENT OF CHAPTER. -- Section 2 of 79 Del. Laws, c. 199, effective Feb. 25, 2014, repealed this chapter, formerly comprised of 1101-1104, 1122-1124, 1130-1140, and 1150-1155 of this title, and reenacted those former provisions as present 1501-1504, 1508-1524 and 1527 of this title. No detailed explanation of the changes made by the 2014 act has been attempted for the reenacted sections, but, where appropriate, the historical citations to former sections have been added to corresponding sections in Chapter 15 of this title. Former 1120, 1121 and 1156 of this title had been previously repealed.