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Current through Nov. 1, 2016

Laws, Rules and Guidance

New Hampshire Laws Administered by the Racing and Charitable Gaming Division

RSA 284 - Horse and Dog Racing

RSA 287-D - Games of Chance

RSA 287-E - Bingo and Lucky 7

Current Administrative Rules of the Racing and Charitable Gaming Division

Chapter Pari 100 - Organizational Rules (Applies to All)

Chapter Pari 200 – Rules of Practice

Chapter Pari 300 – Racetrack Licensing

Chapter Pari 400 – No Current Rule

Chapter Pari_500 – Administrative Rules Applicable to all Licenses

Chapter Pari 600 – Rules of Harness Racing

Chapter Pari 700 – Use of Prohibited Substances and Practices in Horse Racing

Chapter Pari 800 – Greyhound Racing

Chapter Pari 900 – No Current Rule

Chapter Pari 1000 – Bingo games

Chapter Pari 1100 – Lucky 7

Chapter Pari 1200 – Games of Chance

Paripool Pari 500 - Rebates and Discounts on Wagers

Paripool Pari 525 - Rules of Account Wagering

Account Wagering Plan Template

Recently Adopted Rule Changes

Pari 1100, Lucky 7

Commission Rulings

Lucky 7 Double Sided Tickets

Lucky 7 Rolling Jackpots and Bingo Carry Over Coverall

Lucky 7 Seal Card with Multiple Jackpots