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Alabama Racing Commission, Birmingham
Alaska Dept. of Revenue-Gaming Unit
Arizona Amusement Gambling (Sweepstakes) Registration
Arizona Department of Gaming
Arizona Lottery
Arkansas Racing Commission
California Division of Gambling Control
California Gambling Control Commission
California Lottery
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of State (Bingo Raffles)
Colorado Division of Gaming
Colorado Division of Racing Events
Colorado Lottery
Connecticut Division of Special Revenue
Connecticut Lottery
Delaware Gaming Control Board
Delaware State Lottery
District of Columbia Lottery
Florida Department of Agriculture, Sweepstakes Registration
Florida Dept of Business and Prof. Regulation, Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
Florida Lottery
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Bingo Unit
Georgia Lottery
Idaho Lottery
Idaho State Racing Commission
Illinois Gaming Board
Illinois Lottery
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Gaming Commission
Indiana Hoosier Lottery
Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Gaming Bureau (Rac and Riv Gam)
Iowa Lottery
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Kansas Lottery
Kansas State Gaming Agency
Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission
Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming
Kentucky Lottery
Kentucky Horse Racing Authority
Louisiana Gaming Control Board
Louisiana Lottery
Louisiana State Police Gaming Enforcement Division
Maine State Lottery
Maine State Gambling Control Board
Maryland Racing Commission
Maryland State Lottery
Massachusetts State Racing Commission
Michigan Lottery
Michigan Office of the Racing Commissioner
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota DPS Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division
Minnesota Gambling Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Minnesota State Lottery
The Mississippi Gaming Commission
Missouri Gaming Commission
Missouri Horse Racing Commission
Missouri State Lottery
Montana Department of Justice Gaming Control
Multi-State Lottery Association (Powerball)
National Gambling Impact Study Commission
National Indian Gaming Association
National Indian Gaming Commission
Nebraska Charitable Gaming Division
Nebraska Lottery
Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board
New Hampshire Lottery
New Hampshire Pari-Mutuel Commission
New Jersey Casino Control Commission
New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Commission
New Jersey Lottery
New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division
New Mexico Gaming Control Board
New Mexico Lottery
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York Charitable Gambling, Las Vegas Nights
New York Dept. State, Sweepstakes Registration, Misc. Records Unit
New York Lottery
New York State Racing and Wagering Board
North Carolina Crime Control

North Dakota Attorney General Gaming Division
Ohio Attorney General Charitable Gaming
Ohio Lottery
Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission (Charity Gaming)
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Lottery
Oregon State Police - Gaming Enforcement Division
Oregon Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Horse & Harness Racing Commissions
Pennsylvania Lottery
Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation
Rhode Island Lottery Commission
Rhode Island Secretary of State, Sweepstakes Registration
South Carolina Department of Revenue
South Dakota Commission on Gaming
South Dakota Lottery
Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
Texas Lottery Commission
Texas Racing Commission
Tri State Lottery (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)
Vermont Lottery
Virginia Charitable Gaming Commission
Virginia Lottery
Washington State Lottery
Washington State Gambling Commission
West Virginia Lottery
Wisconsin Div. of Admin-Gaming
Wisconsin Lottery
Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission