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Vermont State Law

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Vermont Gambling Statute:

Follow: Vermont Statutes:
TITLE 13 Crimes and Criminal Procedure: PART 1 Crimes: CHAPTER 51. GAMBLING AND LOTTERIES

Gaming Agencies:

Vermont Gaming Agencies

  The Vermont Lottery has one of the smallest staffs of any lottery in the United States. It consists of twenty full-time staff members and five commissioners. There are fifteen in-house staff members and five sales representatives. The lottery consists of various departments including marketing and sales, accounting, administration and information technology.

Office hours: 7:45 - 4:30 Monday - Friday (except legal holidays)
Address: Vermont Lottery Commission
PO Box 420, Rt. 14
South Barre, VT 05670
Phone: (802) 479-5686, or In VT 800-322-8800
FAX: (802) 479-4294